The Creative Freedom of Innovation

As a prosthetics research and development company, the culture at Martin Bionics is a blend of creativity, spontaneity and technical proficiency. Martin Bionics founder Jay Martin has a knack for hiring a uniquely talented team, many of which are among the top thinkers, drawing from diverse and creative backgrounds.  The Martin Bionics team includes a clinician and animatronics expert who can juggle while unicyling, engineers who have traveled the comedy circuit as semi-professional comedians, and office staff who have spent time in developing nations praying for the sick.  He recognizes the holistic value of hiring inventors, artists, entrepreneurs, and those who by nature buck the status quo.

Employees are given creative freedom to brainstorm and explore new ideas.  Spontaneous creative discussions are embraced, and frequent.  In such a playful yet productive environment, unconventional innovation is inevitable.

“As a company, we are not limited by knowing what isn’t possible.”

The Martin Bionics team is determined to radically change the status quo of prosthetics – for the end goal of radically changing life for those without access to comfortable sockets.  The teams diverse creativity and passion to advance the human experience is what drives innovation.

We introduced the Socket-less Socket™ just one year ago in September 2015, to be a platform for our ongoing creativity. It’s design has significantly evolved over its first year, and is continually advancing still. Within the first year since its introduction we’ve introduced numerous new advancements in the Socket-less Socket™ line, including the AirHammock Modular Inner Socket, Shark-Skin Suspension, and the latest advancement Socket-Soft™ Fitting Software. What we will create and introduce over this next year is only limited by our imaginations.

Unconventional design is exactly what is needed to meet the many outstanding challenges facing the underserved amputee populations around the world. Martin has built a culture where the unconventional is expected and the unknown is an endless sandbox that team members are encouraged to explore.  Martin concludes, “As a company, we are not limited by knowing what isn’t possible.”

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