180122 The Socket-less Socket™ is Medicare Approved, Insurance Approved, and VA Approved!

Getting a new socket can be a new beginning for many amputees. When an old socket no longer fits or is warn out it can limit comfort and quality of life. But getting a new prosthesis with the latest technology approved by Medicare or insurance companies can be a major obstacle.
All too often there can be limitations to having access to new life-giving technologies that do not yet have billable codes. Many new technologies are simply not yet approved by Medicare or insurance companies, and hence are not accessible to many amputee end-users. That is not the case for the Socket-less Socket™.

The Socket-less Socket™ uses similar Medicare and insurance coding as conventional sockets; therefore not only is it accessible for most users, but the cost of the Socket-less Socket™ to paying sources like Medicare or insurance companies is very similar to the cost of a conventional socket. From a financial perspective, if your insurance or Medicare will cover a new socket, they will likely cover the Socket-less Socket™.

The Socket-less Socket™ technology is able to be fit to all types of users – short limbs to long, large limbs to small, and for every amputation level. With the various socket configuration options, almost every amputee should be able to be fit with a more comfortable socket using the Socket-less Socket™ technology. If you can be fit with a socket, then you should excel with a Socket-less Socket™.

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