A New Heart for Amputees

I get a lot of enjoyment from my work. I believe I have the best job in the world. It is incredibly challenging at times, yet incredibly rewarding. But more recently I have been humbled with a deeper perspective of the value of this work. I am gaining a new level of compassion for those that my team and I are aiming to serve.

We recently began a new marketing strategy, and through it have been fortunate to connect with a lot of amputees and hear about their experiences with prosthetics. I have been taken back by the number of amputees who suffer from their conventional prosthetic. Over and over I read the stories of what amputees share – that they hurt; that their life is limited because of their prosthetic; and that they long to have back what was lost. As I was reading through these user-stories this evening, I was moved with compassion in a new way.

I have not understood the gravity of what life is like having to wear a prosthetic. However, I do believe that our Creator hears the cries and hopes of His people. And to that, I can ask Him to give me a deeper heart of compassion and a clearer vision of even greater innovative design that would result in a greater restoration for those who have suffered limb loss.

My favorite part of my days are the moments when I get to read an email or receive a phone call from someone who has been touched by our Socket-less Socket™ technology. The stories of restoration are remarkable! Over and over I hear of how comfortable amputees now are; how they are able to do things in life that they used to believe were forever lost; and that they now have a new hope. It is those stories that drive my team and I to work as hard as we do. So to any of you who are reading this and that wear a prosthetic – hats off to you for persevering through such a significant challenge. I hope our paths cross at some point – even if through an email or phone call – and hear of how your life has been changed by our technology.

Jay Martin, CP, FAAOP

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