We Are Expanding Our Clinic Locations & Are Looking For Amazing Practitioners, Technicians, and Office Staff

Martin Bionics is hiring practitioners, technicians, and office staff who want to give amputees a different life experience than what conventional sockets offer – a life without socket discomfort. If this is you, we want you on our team.

Do You Want To Serve Your Patients Better?

We’ve built a new way to run a prosthetic clinic that gives you resources and financial stability, and to serve your patients the way you want, with exceptional care.

Immediate Practitioner & Technician Positions Available
We are actively expanding our team with practitioners who love their patients, and whose patients love them.

Open New Clinic Locations With Us
Opportunity to establish and lead new clinic locations across the country with a paradigm shift in customer experience.

Compensation & Culture
Our rapidly growing clinic network provides unconventional advancement opportunities, and offers industry leading compensation and benefits.  We love our employees, and encourage a happy and healthy work/life balance. Our creative culture pushes the limits of what is possible.

I Am A Prosthetist Who Owns A Prosthetic Clinic

Do you want more patient leads, without needing doctor referrals?

Do you spend too much time trying to run a business, rather than being able to serve patients the way you want?

Do you work too many hours on billing and marketing, and running your business, and you want to just be a great practitioner?

Are you sacrificing family time, financial security, or happiness to run your practice?

Would you like to be part of a community of creative and amazing prosthetists who love their patients, and whose patients love them?

I Am A Prosthetist Who Wants To Join Or Build A New Prosthetic Clinic

Have you dreamed of running a clinic, but don’t have the resources or know-how to launch a thriving clinic? 

Do you want to serve your patients, the way you want, and not be dictated by a corporate mentality or restrictive rules?

Would you like to earn more than what you can make at your current job?

Would you like to start a clinic, without worrying about patient referrals, billing, marketing, or running a business?

Would you like to be part of a community of creative and amazing prosthetists who love their patients, and whose patients love them?

We Found A Better Way To Practice - We Let You Focus On Being The Best Prosthetist You Can Be

Too much of a practitioners time is spent on billing, chasing scripts, dealing with insurance companies, and trying to connect with referral sources. Our centralized marketing and billing team offloads those from the practitioner, so you can focus on the work you love – serving your patients with time and attention.

Centralized Billing Lets You Focus On Patient Care, Not Insurance Companies Or Finances

Centralized Marketing So You Don’t Have To Worry About Referrals

Centralized Fabrication Team Supports Our Practitioners So They Can Be Practitioners

We Provide In-depth Socket Training To Resource All Of Our Practitioners With Our Latest Socket Technology. Our Community Of Creative Prosthetists Share Their Best Practices With Each Other Through Our Proprietary Socket-Soft iQ™ Platform, To Maximize Patient Outcomes

We Love Serving The Whole Person

We have a patient-first approach – We want each and every patient to walk out of our clinics saying ‘This is by far the most comfortable socket I’ve ever worn.”  And we let you as the practitioner serve your patients in that way. 

We recognize that while amputees come to our clinic for a more comfortable socket, the quality-of-life impact of that hope realized are far reaching, and impacts the whole person and their families. We therefore take providing comfort seriously. 

We set a high standard on customer experience – so that every patient feels loved and served like they are the most important patient we have.

Let your patients feel heard – the unique modularity of the Socket-less Socket™ enables you to customize your sockets in real-time and try out socket adjustments you wouldn’t be able to with conventional sockets.


Chase Brown, CPO 
Clinic Acquisition Testimonial

“Our clinic is serving 4X the number of prosthetics patients than we were before Martin Bionics acquired our practice.  We have so many more resources now and our patient outcomes have improved so much. 

Personally, I no longer have to spend so much time trying to run a business and get referrals – my quality of life with my family is so much more balanced.”

Chase Brown, CPO, Martin Bionics Clinical Care Austin

Meet Your New Centralized Billing and Patient Processing Team

Angel Berry

Patient Advocate

Emma Beth Runnels

Patient Advocate

Johanna Taylor

Patient Intake Coordinator

Janet Smith

Clinic Receptionist

LeeAnne McCoy

Insurance Specialist

Holly Russell

Patient Advocate

Denise Dickerson

Patient Advocate

Tom Allred

Patient Advocate

Stephanie Horner

Office Manager

Marie Ralston

Patient Advocate

Brandi Scarborough

Patient Advocate

Melony Belloso

Patient Advocate

Brenda Scarborough

Patient Advocate

Meet Your New Centralized Production Team

Cory Anderson

Production Lead

Tessi Hill


Joe Bates


Natalie Dalby

Fabrication Specialist

Donald Stepp

Production Specialist

Heather Lackey

Production Specialist

Shanna Colbert


Josh Clark


Sarah Ohrt


Savannah Kizarr


Rebecca Crumrine


David Reffner

Production Specialist

Elias Brown


Travis Wesson


Jean Hill


Meet Your New Clinical Outcomes Research Team

Joel Schulz


Madyson Quest


Meet Your New Centralized Marketing and Patient Referral Team

Kris Murray

Marketing Manager

Heather Hutton

Website Designer

Rebecca Sheppard

Content Manager

Colby Ballard

Video & Production

Kollin Williford

Video Editor

Alex Rodriguez


Caleb Croy

Graphic Design

Meet Your New Strategic Business Development and Acquisitions Team

Jay Martin

CEO & Founder

Seth Reiter

Finance Manager

Trenton Turner

Associate Project Manager

Deborah Stangeland

Director of Clinical Experience