Free Exchange Policy

Thorough review of the Socket-less Socket™ training materials has a significant impact on the success of the socket fitting.  Martin Bionics will support your Socket-less Socket™ clinical fittings to ensure that every fitting is as successful as possible.  In the event there are challenges in the fitting process, we can join you via a Skype or FaceTime call, where we can typically help diagnose and resolve the issue with specific socket fitting suggestions.  

If the socket is ultimately not the correct configuration for the end-user, we can re-configure the socket components to match to another user at no charge.  Alternatively you can send in the socket for a full credit toward any of our other products or socket configurations.

While we rarely find the need to repair or replace socket sub-components, the modularity of the Socket-less Socket™ allows it to be easily repaired.  Martin Bionics will support replacement parts if premature wear and tear are found based on a flaw in Martin Bionics workmanship.  If a user-specific custom lamination is incorrectly fabricated in fit or alignment due to Martin Bionics fault, it may be re-fabricated for the customer.