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“We had our first fitting today using the Iliac Crest Stabilizers…fantastic. The patient was almost in tears – he can’t believe how the socket is going to change his life so much. “Freedom of movement”… “so light”…. “fantastic” were just some of the words he used. Once again well done…great idea…we applaud you.”

BTerry, Prosthetist, UK

“I have just come back from my prosthetist after having a [hip disarticulation] test socket fabricated and tried it out with the Illiac Crest Stabilizers. Even though it was just a test socket, it was fantastic. As soon as I started to ratchet the stabilizers up, I could feel them pulling me down and into the minimal socket and literally within 3 strides it felt perfect. Absolutely no pistoning and it felt very secure. It felt like a part of me rather than a unwieldy lump hanging off my waist. Even though I say so myself I am amazed how good my walking is for a Hip Disartic. I will spread the word amongst my HD peers as it really deserves to be ‘out there’ and being used. Based on my experience thus far it should become the standard design rather than the ‘bucket’, which should be consigned to the history books.Great design and idea well done! From a very thankful and now much less restricted HD amp,”

Damian, Amputee, UK

“My name is Kenny Capritto and I’m a Prosthetist in Louisiana. I have a Hip Disarticulation patient who uses a C-leg, Helix hip and a traditional socket fabricated by Otto Bock of a flexible type of resin. He has been utilizing this combination for approximately 3 years and now wants to “streamline” his leg… The Bikini of Hip socket system looks amazing. HD patients around the world should send you a thank you card for developing something as an alternative to ‘buckets.”

Kenny Capritto, CPO, USA

“I just had a successful Bikini socket fit and just wanted to say I love it. I was wheelchair bound for 9 years until this socket design… Thank you for the research and development.”

Jessi, Amputee, USA