Frequently Asked Questions

Martin Bionics was invited by NASA to transition its work in fabric-socket technology into the Space Program to help NASA connect exoskeleton robotics with astronauts in a more comfortable way.  Its success on that program lead to being invited to play a role on two additional exoskeletal robotics programs with NASA, where it lead the physical man/machine connectivity aspect of the projects.  Martin Bionics’ created and discovered some fascinating new materials and methods during those programs, which have since been transitioned into a new way of fitting clinical prosthetics. The specific mesh material of our Fabric Inner Socket is made of the same unique blend as was used in the NASA programs.  It’s design enables it to very effectively conform to the 3-dimensional body, yet is incredibly lightweight, durable, and breathable.

The Socket-less Socket™ is designed to provide long lasting durability and comfort.  Its materials are designed to hold up to high-activity users, and the conforming nature of the materials allow the socket to match to the underlying body every time it is donned, allowing the socket to remain comfortable for longer.  The brim material for instance is made of high-strength webbing, similar to seat belt material, and is rated at nearly 4,000 pounds.

In conventional sockets, the carbon fiber lamination and inner socket materials are great heat insulators.  Conversely, the Socket-less Socket’s™ open frame design allows the limb heat to dissipate, making for a cooler socket environment.

The Socket-less Socket™ can be used with short or long limbs.  It has been successfully fit for instance to limbs with a short 3”-4” femur length, to long knee disarticulation levels.

The Socket-less Socket™ user similar billing codes as conventional sockets.

You can use any form of conventional suspension options with the Socket-less Socket™.  The Socket-less Socket™’s inherent modularity allows for various suspension methods to be interchanged and compared quickly.

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For patients: Our socket designs are billed by the clinical prosthetist with similar billing codes as they would conventionally use for billing sockets.

For prosthetists: Our technology offers the clinical prosthetist with a typical decrease in hard cost to fit and fabricate a socket – time and materials. Fitting of our socket designs can be accomplished in a fraction of the time as their conventional socket counterparts, increasing the clinical practice efficiency. In many cases, a fitting can now occur in just one day compared to multiple appointments over several days with conventional socket designs.

Our technology is only available through certified prosthetics providers. If your provider is not yet trained, we would be happy to get them equipped with this revolutionary socket technology.

Each of our socket designs are provided to the clinical prosthetist as a socket fabrication kit, who then custom fits and fabricates a socket specific to each user. Our socket technology is designed to significantly expedite the fitting process, and result in a more comfortable and stable design than conventional fitting methods. We’ve eliminated many of the rigid socket elements of conventional socket design, as well as the antiquated fitting and fabrication processes to make them, and provided the clinical practitioner with a more efficient and effective tool-kit to make an ultra-comfortable socket.