January 2018

180122 The Socket-less Socket™ is Medicare Approved, Insurance Approved, and VA Approved!

Getting a new socket can be a new beginning for many amputees. When an old socket no longer fits or is warn out it can limit comfort and quality of life. But getting a new prosthesis with the latest technology approved by Medicare or insurance companies can be a major obstacle. All too often there can be limitations to having access to new life-giving technologies that do not yet have billable codes. Many new technologies are simply not [...]

A New Heart for Amputees

I get a lot of enjoyment from my work. I believe I have the best job in the world. It is incredibly challenging at times, yet incredibly rewarding. But more recently I have been humbled with a deeper perspective of the value of this work. I am gaining a new level of compassion for those that my team and I are aiming to serve.

October 2016

Now an App for Fitting Prosthetics

For well over a hundred years, the process of fitting a prosthetic socket hasn’t changed much. Historically, socket fittings were sculpted from wood. As materials science progressed, prosthetic sockets have become sculpted and fabricated from hard plastics and carbon fiber instead of wood. The human body is dynamic, but conventional sockets remain static and rigid.

September 2016

Fidele’s Story of Restoration

On some nights, sleep can be elusive. The events of the day replay and rewind in our minds. While most thoughts disappear with each breath, some thoughts slowly intensify like a storm. Instead of growing drowsy and drifting off to sleep, sometimes our whirling thoughts awaken us to an even greater degree. The magnitude of some experiences are recognized only after we’ve had time to reflect upon them. That’s just what happened to Jay Martin, Founder of Martin Bionics, [...]

June 2016

Meet Julie: World Traveller, Bikini Socket Wearer. I think you’ll like her story.

Julie’s left leg was amputated at the hip disarticulation level in 2014.  She was first fit with a traditional bucket style socket which limited her ability to walk comfortably.  In 2015 she was fit with the Bikini Socket, and since then she has traveled to more than 12 countries around the world – from Malaysia to Santiago.  Julie loves how comfortable the Bikini Socket is to wear – she even recently wore it on her 25 hour flight to [...]