We Build Lives Not Sockets

It’s not about replacing a limb and walking again, it’s about maximizing comfort and quality of life - to live life to the fullest.


Founder Jay Martin, CP, FAAOP was invited by NASA to help create an Ironman exoskeleton suit for space and military applications. Through working with NASA he discovered and created counter-intuitive new methods of how to make prosthetics more comfortable. He then set out to create the most comfortable sockets on earth… and the Socket-less Socket™ was born. Now thousands of amputees around the world are able to gain quality of life back through more comfortable sockets.

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We are called to care for the poor. Innovation is how we do so in more efficient and effective ways.

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From the 30 million amputees in developing nations without access to any prosthetics, to the 2 million amputees in the U.S. struggling with uncomfortable rigid sockets, our technology uniquely makes a comfortable socket reachable for all.

Our Mission is to replace the antiquated rigid socket status quo and make conforming and comfortable prosthetic sockets reachable to all amputees around the world. 95% of amputees (30 million) in developing nations do not have access to prosthetics due to a lack of practitioners and expensive fabrication equipment needed to make conventional rigid sockets. The few that do typically get a 1970's-era hard socket, which is or will become uncomfortable, limiting mobility. We make comfortable sockets accessible for those who otherwise don't have access. Our modular Socket-less Socket™ uniquely offers the same comfort for those in developing nations as the fortunate who have medical coverage for our state-of-the-art prosthetics locally.


Our Socket-Soft™ fitting software gives amputees in the furthest reaches of the world access to comfortable prosthetics. Socket-Soft™ equips and enables locals to successfully fit our socket technology without the need of formal prosthetist training or expensive fabrication equipment. In conjunction with our modular Socket-less Socket™ technology, the Socket-Soft™ fitting software converts simple limb measurements to a defined Socket-less Socket™ assembly configuration through our simple but sophisticated algorithm-based web-app.

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For use in developing nations, the modular Socket-less Socket™ is a low-cost, high-comfort socket that can be assembled using only simple hand tools. For those who have access to conventional rigid sockets, our ICON™ BK-Hybrid, AK SwingBrim™ and AK cX™-Hybrid sockets can be retro-fit into an existing conventional socket, making them considerably more comfortable and adjustable. For those who do not have access to conventional sockets, our unique modular cX™ socket technology enables for a prosthetic to be fit with only simple hand tools in about 3 hours start to finish.

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Our open socket designs eliminate trapped heat and use conforming materials to match the socket to the dynamic human body, versus the user's limb having to match to a static piece of plastic. We design our sockets to have real-time customizable adjustability, and to be as comfortable as a socket should be.