Transtibial and Symes Transformed

Rigid sockets are uncomfortable – so we fixed them. The ultra-comfortable Socket-less Socket™ ICON BK™ is now available for Transtibial and Symes users. Below the knee sockets no longer have to remain static in shape or trap heat. The Socket-less Socket™ conformable materials and open frame design allow the limb to flex and breathe.

Comfort of a sneaker

Shoes have laces. Shirts have buttons. Belts have buckles. Our clothes are adjustable – Shouldn’t your socket be adjustable too? Our adjustable sockets provide you full control over how your socket fits, every time you put it on.

Dynamic conformity

The human body is a mechanical marvel. Whether standing, sitting, walking, or running, our limbs dynamically change shape and contouring. We believe the socket should conform to your every move. Our patent pending soft posterior brim lets the socket conform to match your body.

As individual as you

The Socket-less Socket™ ICON BK™ can be customized to each user according to their specific and varied needs – including type of suspension, contouring, and fit. Real-time user-adjustability gives you freedom to ensure your socket fits the way you want.


Hot sweaty suspension sleeves and socks are a thing of the past. Below the knee sockets no longer require bulky suspension sleeves or socks bunching behind the knee and up the thigh. The ingenious SharkSkin Suspension™ eliminates pistoning and rotation issues found in conventional sockets.

Hammock Fit

The AirHammock™ Modular Inner Socket eliminates a rigid distal end and allows the distal tibia to float in a conforming hammock without any rigid structure to hit. Its open structure dissipates heat, maintaining a cooler socket.

ICON BK™ in action.

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