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Left transfemoral Right transfemoral

Proximal Circumference Proximal Circumference

Distal Circumference Distal Circumference

Trochanter to Femur Length Trochanter to Femur Length

Trochanter to Distal End Length Trochanter to Distal End Length

Groin to Distal End Length Groin to Distal End Length

Integrate Tissue Management

Click desired tissue management method.

Integrate Suspension

Click desired suspension method.

Pre-Fitting Recommendations

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Our socket technologies are exclusively available through clinical prosthetics providers. We’ll follow up by phone or email to confirm your order details and process your order.

Socket-less Socket cX Training

Train Fitting PDF

SwingBrim™ Retrofit Training

Retrofit PDF

Suspension Options

Illiac Crest Stabilizer Fabric to Socket Buckle

Click desired suspension method.

Casting Products and Materials

Hammock Casting Stand Nasa Based Mesh

Click desired casting products and materials.

Bikini Socket

Bikini Socket Explanation

Hammock Casting Stand Casting and Modification

Bikini Socket Fitting and Fabrication