Simply Intelligent

Comfort exists where an ingeniously crafted socket is reduced to simplicity through our sophisticated algorithm-based software. Simple limb measurements translate to a defined socket configuration, tailored to each user.

Accessible to the World

Amputees in the furthest reaches of the world now have access to great fitting sockets. Socket-Soft™ bridges the gap for the underserved population of the 30 million amputees in developing nations who have not had access to prosthetics. Learn how here.

Practitioner's New Best Friend

Socket-Soft™ makes fitting our socket technologies even faster and more efficient. Simple measurements enable practitioners to pre-fit the Socket-less Socket™ technology, making the clinical fitting process considerably more streamlined. The practitioner then simply micro-adjusts the socket on the user for a perfect customized fit.

Learn how to use Socket-Soft™

Socket-Soft™ is your one-stop training resource for Martin Bionics socket technologies.

Test-Drive Socket-Soft™